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Permanent Makeup

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Before & After
Before & After
Before & After
Before & After
Before & After
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MICROBLADING                                           $450

Microblading is a manual form of eyebrow tattooing that has grown in popularity to mimic the natural look of hair. With gentle pressure, a customized color pigment is implanted into the basal layer of the skin using a sterile microblade. This creates individual crisp hair strokes and results in very natural looking eyebrows.  The best candidates for this technique would be those with dry to normal skin with small to medium pores. 

POWDER & OMBRÉ BROWS                     $450     

This technique differs from microblading. Instead of using the hand tool and creating hairlike strokes, we use a permanent make-up machine and create a brow that has more of a powdery look comparable to the look of a brow tint or brow powder. Powder brows can have very soft diffused edges that give it more of a shadow look throughout the whole brow or more defined edges giving more of a makeup look that has been done with a brow pencil. 


To create the ombré look, the tail of the brow will be more saturated with pigment to make it appear darker, while the bulb of the brow will be less saturated to make the start appear lighter.  This look is great for those that desire more of a makeup look without having to spend the time every day achieving it.  Both powder and Ombré brows are more versatile for most skin types. 

Combination Brows.                                       $525

This technique is the combination of microblading hair strokes with a hand tool and powder/ombré shading with a permanent make-up machine. The combination of both creates a very natural but still defined brow. In the first step, we do the microblading hair strokes and in the second step, we add the powder/ombré shading throughout the brow. The combination brow is also perfect for people who have barely any brow hair left or sparse areas in their brows. It creates the most natural 3D effect.

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Meet Jess...Our Permanent Make-Up Expert...she is new to Vraie but fully trained, certified & experienced in Microblading and Permanent makeup techniques! Microblading and Permanent makeup for eyebrows have been an answer to all morning routine. Our Microblading space at Vraie is very clean & sanitary. Jess offers complimentary consultations to our guests. 

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